The program of ISC2022 is now available here
LINC Biz account registration and instructions for participation to ISC2022

For registering your LINC Biz account, please refer to the instructions manual.

You will receive an invitation e-mail from LINC Biz. Once you receive the invitation e-mail, please complete the registration of your LINC Biz account as soon as possible.

In case you do not receive any invitation e-mail, please contact the organizing committee (

Schedule for the invitations:

Oral speakers and poster presentations: invitation expected on the 20 June

Other participants: invitation expected on the 30 June


Once your registration to LINC Biz is completed, you will receive a “Registration completion email” with a link to the URL of the symposium. Please access to this URL.

Concerning instructions for participation to the symposium on LINC Biz, please refer to the participant’s manual. This participant manual will be also available for download in a dedicated channel on the symposium URL.

Be careful, the URL of the symposium (LINC Biz)is a different website from the symposium HP for registration, so please access to URL of the symposium with the e-mail and password you set when registering to LINC Biz.

Uploading presentations

Speakers will also receive an invitation e-mail around the 20 June. The registration e-mail will be sent from the following address:

Please proceed to registration as soon as possible following the instructions above.

Then, please upload your presentation file to the URL of the symposium before the 30 June, following the presenter’s manual.

Briefly, access to the URL of the symposium, select the channel corresponding to your presentation, verify the title and the abstract before uploading your presentation file (video for speakers or pdf for posters). Uploaded files will be available on demand throughout the tenure of the symposium.


On July, 4th , the LINC Biz symposium tenure website will be released with all presentations channels and a program with links to the Zoom meetings for on time presentations of each session (instructions for Zoom meeting will be provided soon).    
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